Governance, Board of Directors & Affiliations

Board of Directors

As a not-for-profit charitable society, River Valley School has a Board of Directors that oversees the governance of the organization. Their primary focus is long-term strategic work for the school, maintenance of our mission and vision as well as ensuring that we are operating in compliance with the legal requirements of a charitable society and a private school under the School Act. The Board and Head of School work together in these areas and the Head of School reports monthly on the operational components of River Valley School.

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The Board of Directors for the 2016 – 2017 school year are:

Bruce McCallum – Chair

Janay Ferguson – Vice Chair

Chris Rahbek-Nielsen – Secretary

Brett Undershute – Treasurer

Jason Cameron

Peter Dinnick

Don Eckford

Chester Krala

Jana Taylor

John Wrathall

A Message From Your Board Chair

It is an honour to have been elected to Chair the Board of Directors at River Valley School and one that comes with great responsibility. I am thrilled to be a part of the continued growth of this amazing school!

RVS is about to embark on an exciting journey guided by the strategic plan and led by your Head of School and the Board of Directors. The journey will strengthen the development of the school and focuses on clarifying strategy, strengthening governance, and enhancing fund development. These priorities reflect the fundamental responsibilities of a governance board at a non-profit organization, and their fulfillment will help ensure that RVS builds on its success to date and delivers outstanding education for years to come.

The Board continues to make significant progress towards these priorities. We continue to maintain a strong financial position in these challenging times. It is through the hard work of the board and the administration that we are able to balance growth, enrolment, and fees to maintain a healthy financial position. It is this strong position that will serve us well as we look for ways to strengthen RVS’s position in the local market.

We are eagerly anticipating the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) accreditation process in October 2017. I would like to thank Erin and the administration team for their hard work in preparation for the accreditation review. I’m confident their hard work will be reflected in the results of the accreditation review from CAIS.

The coming years are going to be exciting times for RVS. The school is maturing very nicely and I look forward to contributing during this time. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank you for your support.

Bruce McCallum

Board Chair

Accreditation & Affiliations

River Valley is the only school in Alberta that is a member of the prestigious Cambridge University Students Union Innovation 800 (affiliated with Cambridge University), representing schools worldwide dedicated to innovative and fresh thinking.

River Valley School is accredited by Alberta Education.

River Valley is the only school in Alberta that offers the Arrowsmith Program, a scientific approach to help students overcome learning challenges. Arrowsmith certified teachers focus on the science of neuroplasticity to retrain the brain and give students the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and in life.

River Valley School is a CAIS Candidate School . This accreditation will be completed in the Winter of 2017/2018.


River Valley School operates as a not-for-profit educational institution. It is governed by a parent Board of Directors with a strong community of educators, students and parents.

The independent Board of Directors was formed in 2003 and is governed by Private School Regulations under the Alberta School Act, the Societies Act and the River Valley School By-Laws.

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