River Valley School is an exceptional educator that embraces the unique talents of every child.

The adaptive model of educational delivery offered at our school supports different learning styles to ensure that every student is capable of achieving their personal best.

We teach ages 3 to Grade 6.

Educational testing required for admission: NONE

Fast Facts

We have a low student to teacher ratio.

All of our classes have a low pupil teacher ratio, maximizing instructional time and the personalization of learning.

Full-time instructional Aides: 14

We employ Instructional Aides serving a variety of purposes. Resource support is available to support children who require additional intervention or enrichment.

Student Population: 245

Our families come to us from all quadrants of the city. We serve a very diverse population with families from many countries and cultures, and students with a variety of learning needs.

Dedicated Specialists:

It’s not just that we offer classes in Phys. Ed., French, Drama, Music and Art, we have dedicated specialists who share their knowledge and experience with the students.

Phys. Ed. & Outdoor Ed. Teachers

Drama Teachers

Art Teachers

French Teachers

Music Teachers