Our Story

With a long history under the umbrella of Calgary Montessori School, the transition to River Valley School Society began in 2003. We have much to celebrate. March 2016 marked the fifth year of our current Headship, with impressive Provincial Achievement results for such a young school. We have a committed organization that is excited about its growth, committed to offering programs that meet the needs of our diverse community, and models how an inclusive learning community can be successful for every student.

As an inclusive private school that doesn’t test for entrance, we welcome all students, including those who are gifted and/or with learning and attention challenges. We are limited by our facilities and expertise, so are unable to provide for children with medical fragility and severe emotional and oppositional defiance disorders.

Learning occurs in a cooperative, nurturing atmosphere–one that optimizes each child’s potential, innate curiosity, love of learning, self-efficacy and confidence. We are very focused on high student achievement, but also on supporting the individual and their overall well-being and development. At River Valley, each child will experience excellence.

Playground photo - River Valley Scool, Calgary, Canada