Pick Up, Drop Off & Parking

We Are Better Together

Good Neighbour pledge

Good neighbours build strong communities and at River Valley School we are committed to providing a place where all our children can thrive.

We recognize that traffic and parking have had an impact on our closest neighbours. An integral part of our Good Neighbour Pledge is our commitment to work with our families to promote safe, efficient and respectful traffic flow around the school.

Pick Up, Drop Off & Parking:
Early Learning Campus

As you have very little people, we ask you to park in the area of the Early Learning Campus and escort your child(ren) into the building each morning. The same process is followed for afternoon pick up.

There is a great deal of street parking along 33 Avenue on both sides of the street and along Bowwood Drive as well as 63rd Street.

There are no crosswalks at this time, but we encourage you to contact the city at 311 or the local MLA for Ward 1 to ask for this consideration. The City is very responsive and with enough feedback will always do what they can to help when the need is obvious.

This is a 30 Km/Hr zone, but that can still feel quick when you are on foot and crossing the street around moving vehicles. BE AWARE! As a driver and a pedestrian you need to be responsible for knowing what is happening around you to work together for a safe community.

DO NOT pull u-turns on any of the streets or park in the opposite direction of traffic. There are exit points out of the area regardless of the direction you are facing.

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Erin Corbett
Head of School