Giving to River Valley School

River Valley School was founded by visionaries – people who knew that they were laying the foundations for future families and children, and who saw the value in a learning environment that sees grades and achievement as an equal partner to wonder, kindness and creativity.

While the tuition we receive funds many aspects of our operations, we rely on generous donations from all members of our school community — family, alumni, and friends — to continue to develop a program that empowers each and every student in our care to flourish academically and personally. Your donations help us achieve our mission and deliver on our commitment to River Valley School and our students’ success.

Registered Charity Number: #130167406RR0001

Every donation we receive — no matter the size — allows us to expand and enrich our programs, personalize the learning experience, and continue to provide a warm, creative and nurturing environment for all RVS students. All donations also receive a charitable income tax receipt.

Watch your donations create wonder.


The Head of School Initiatives Fund

Giving to this fund allows our Head of School the ability and flexibility to direct unrestricted donations to where they are most needed and empowers you, the donor, to follow your dollars in action. Annual giving is requested from each RVS family and provides the necessary support for enriched programming, learner services, tools and resources, field trips, athletics, information technologies, fine arts and other significant programs that help meet our ever-changing student needs.


The Wonder Capital Campaign

Leaders in the RVS community have committed to the future by purchasing land and buildings, supporting capital projects, and modernizing our facilities. As part of this capital fund, we are exploring opportunities for an expanded gymnasium, enhancing the exterior appearance of our building and further upgrading our educational spaces. Today’s students are the beneficiaries of significant facility enhancements, and we will continue to develop this for our students now and in the future.

We are offering a means of donating online as a convenient option. Please know that you are always welcome to make your donation by cash, debit, cheque, or pre-authorized monthly payments directly to River Valley School without any fees being taken from your total donation amount. If you have questions, please contact the Head of School or finance department.

Other ways to give

Planned Giving

A charitable bequest is an option to give to RVS and can offer significant tax relief to a donor’s estate. A bequest made to the school is eligible for a tax receipt applicable to the donor’s estate and can be applied to the donor’s final income tax return and offset taxes payable by the estate.

The proceeds from Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIFs), and life insurance policies provide an excellent way to make a planned gift to River Valley School. If a donor chooses to leave a portion of their retirement funds, they will go directly to River Valley School tax-free.

Real Estate 

A gift of real estate is a substantial commitment to RVS and realizes tax benefits. Your residence, vacation home, farm, acreage, or vacant lot may have appreciated through the years so that its sale would mean a sizable capital gains tax. By making a gift of this property, you avoid or significantly reduce the amount of income, capital gains, and estate taxes you would have to pay. At the same time, you receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property.

United Way 

Families can choose to direct your donation to one of United Way’s investment areas or to a registered charity of your choice like River Valley School. You simply need to provide RVS charitable registration number. The School receives a statement and the funds from the United Way.

Legacy Giving

The Legacy giving program allows members of our community (alumni, parents, alumni parents, and employees) to support the school by leaving a bequest as part of their estate planning.

Insurance Policies

The donation of an insurance policy can be a cost-effective way to create a substantial legacy gift. By naming RVS as the beneficiary on a new or existing insurance policy, you can create a significant future gift by making modest, regular payments over a selected time period. There are many benefits to this giving option, including immediate or final estate tax benefits for policy premiums paid and an increase in the overall financial value of your gift upon payout.


You can donate Canadian securities to RVS. When you donate securities directly to RVS capital gains tax is eliminated, allowing you to increase the impact of your donation.

Gifts in Kind

We do accept gifts-in-kind if they benefit our programs. e.g. equipment, furniture, materials and resources that can be utilized to support our programs or enhance our learning environment. Please contact us to discuss the nature of your gift-in-kind to ensure it will be used appropriately.

Every Dollar Counts

Skip-the-Depot Recycling Fundraiser

Registering with SkipTheDepot only takes a few seconds! Use the website or download the SkipTheDepot app from the App Store or Google Play. Then all you have to do is schedule a pick-up, place your bags outside, wait for your pick up, then choose River Valley School Society as your charity of choice! All Skip-the-Depot donations over $20 will be eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

Flip-Give Fundraiser

Give back to River Valley School Society while you shop! All you have to do is use the link and each purchase gives a kick-back directly to our amazing school!

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser

20% of each Mabel’s labels purchase goes directly back to support River Valley School. Keep track of your children’s belongings all while giving back to the school you love!