Wonder Lives in a diverse community; rich with varying perspectives, abilities and journeys

At River Valley School we offer a variety of learning services. We know that pre and elementary school is a fundamental time in a child’s development, therefore we truly value the importance of early intervention, learning support and enrichment for all of our students.

Within the classrooms, teachers develop strategies, offer differentiated instruction and personalized learning opportunities to ensure every student has what they need in order to be successful. Instructional Aides are also employed to each classroom to support teaching and learning through one-on-one and small group work. These strong relationships remain an integral part of our student achievement and engagement.

Please note: We are limited by our facilities and expertise, so are unable to provide for children with medical fragility and severe emotional, behavioural and oppositional defiance disorders.

Learning Support

For those who require additional support our Learning Support Team provides an additional pull-out program to work with individuals or small groups in specific areas such as reading, math and social skills. A Speech & Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist is also employed to work with our coded students as well as others who benefit from focussed SLP and OT services.

The Arrowsmith Program is an optional remedial program within River Valley School that is geared specifically towards our Grade 2-6 students with identified learning disabilities and/or learning challenges. Our Arrowsmith certified teachers work with students one-on-one through using the science of neuroplasticity to retrain the brain and give students the tools they need to become effective, confident, and self-directed learners.



The underlying goal of the enrichment program at River Valley School is for children to acquire the skills and approaches needed to extend their learning in an area of demonstrated strength.

Our intention is to offer students greater challenges in their area of strength and encourage them to pursue their talents and areas of personal interest while developing self-directed learning and higher-level thinking with like-minded students.