Where children develop a lifelong love of learning

Children are steeped in curiosity. At River Valley School we nurture and develop the innate love of learning that is in each and every child so it remains at the core of who they are throughout their lives.

Inspiring children to find their way

While regularly ranking among Alberta’s top schools we are as different from other schools as our students are from one another. River Valley School teachers follow the child’s lead while directing them on their individual journeys.

A Safe and Caring School Environment

Consistent with our mission, vision and values, River Valley School is committed to a safe, caring, respectful, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming learning and teaching environment for all students, staff and members of our community.

Carolyn Breland, Head of School

A sense of wonder and a love of learning are alive in our hallways, our classrooms, our playground, and throughout our dynamic school community. Visit our school and you will feel the difference when you walk through the door.

Development of the whole child

Academic rigor is a given, but social and emotional development are just as important. Children learn to be good neighbours, good team players and good partners. Respect for self and others is expected of everyone. Good personal work habits are developed.

Are we right for you?

Creativity is at the core

Creativity is a powerful tool in the 21st century. All children are inherently creative and we provide conditions and ways of learning that develop the students’ creative muscles. We offer vibrant music, art and drama instruction, as well as quality programs in physical education, French, and Library.

Accreditations and Affiliations

River Valley is accredited by Alberta Education and is is the only school in Alberta that offers the Arrowsmith Program, a scientific approach to help students overcome learning challenges.

A robust and engaged school community

River Valley School is a very special place for students and their families. As an RVS family you are part of a unique and close knit school community. Parents are welcome at our school any time as part of our community and there are no barriers or gatekeepers to access the Head of School.