Welcome to
River Valley School

River Valley School is an innovative and inclusive independent school that harnesses the innate curiosity in children to ensure that every student, regardless of age or ability, will flourish academically and socially. Everything we do is grounded in our mission to embrace the unique talents of our students, while curating opportunities for learning and discovery. Our teachers and staff support different learning styles to ensure that every student is capable of achieving their personal best. With close to 15 years of history, River Valley School has created an environment where children feel loved and safe enough to explore to the full breadth of their individual ability. At the same time, RVS students feel encouraged to take on the rigours required to develop the foundational skills, resilience, and confidence to thrive in the 21st Century.

As a community, we learn and grow together respecting the values, opinions and beliefs of all. Students, teachers, and administrators work together to create a school where learners feel confident and free to appreciate each other, make good ethical decisions, and take age- and stage appropriate risks, leading to enhanced understanding and broadened inquiry.

RVS students know they are safe to try new things, make mistakes, discover new approaches, and explore innovative ways of seeing, contributing to and changing the world.

I am honoured to be the Head of School at River Valley School, and invite you to visit our campus to learn about our outstanding programs and meet our talented students, teachers and staff. I look forward to meeting you when you visit, and sharing more about what makes our school truly exceptional.


Carolyn Breland,
River Valley School, Head of School