On behalf of the Board of Governors, Senior Leadership team and staff, we are thrilled to share River Valley School’s new ‘Inspiring Wonder’ Strategic Plan for 2023-2028.

This plan is based on the collective feedback and aspirations of the entire River Valley School (RVS) community; students, parents, teachers and staff alike. Over the past year, key stakeholders have come together to do a focused and authentic assessment of who we are as an organization and where we are going. We are extremely grateful for the time, energy and expertise that went into this collaborative and creative work.

Since its inception, River Valley School has continued to value and bolster the natural curiosities and wonder of childhood as a tool for learning and a foundation for success. We are extremely proud to say that this new strategic plan intentionally builds on these uniquities, while also clearly describing how we will face future challenges and opportunities head on. 

As we turn our attention to the future, driven by this new roadmap and charging into our 20th anniversary and well beyond, we hope that our River Valley School community members (both big and small) continue to support us in this exciting journey ahead.

Strategic Priority #1
Ensuring Financial Resilience

Wonder lives in a school with a healthy and sustainable financial model that balances the needs of current and future organizational objectives.

Strategic Priority #2
Modernizing & Optimizing our Campus

Wonder lives in a school with an adaptive, innovative and inspiring learning environment that bolsters curiosity and provides the greatest opportunities for learner success and wellbeing.

Strategic Priority #3
Nurturing Success Beyond Elementary

Wonder lives in a school that empowers students to be who they are and provides rich opportunities to achieve their personal best, so that they may be successful wherever their journey takes them.

Strategic Priority #4
Strengthening our Brand

Wonder lives in a school that prides itself on being a leader in early childhood and elementary education and utilizes every opportunity to showcase its unique story to the greater community in a meaningful way.

Strategic Priority #5
Being the Educational Employer of Choice in Calgary

Wonder lives in a school that provides a dynamic and desirable environment and culture that facilitates the development, success and wellbeing of its teachers and staff.