Kindness Through Their Eyes

Kindness Through Their Eyes

February 24th is Pink Shirt Day or Anti-Bullying Day! Schools across the globe use this day to engage in anti-bullying fundraisers and kindness days in support of this important initiative.

As a school of young children, we chose to approach the day with discussions and activities surrounding kindness that were differentiated for each grade level. Even though pink shirts could be seen all around  the school, the real excitement and engagement came from celebrating and recognizing acts of kindness that occurred throughout the day!

As a whole school, we were inspired by ‘A Little Spot of Kindness‘ by Diane Alber. Students and staff were invited to place a “spot” sticker on their hand and anytime a kind act was “spotted” a student or teacher would announced it on the school P.A system.

Activities for Littles

Our youngest students dove deeper into the concept of acts of kindness and how those actions can make us feel. They took part in mindful colouring using a rainbow effect focussing on every time they are kind, a layer of happiness is added to their heart and the heart of others.

Demonstrating Empathy

Our grade 3-6 students created individualized footprints which provided an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying. This activity was designed to help students recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and really emphasized the actions that students can realistically achieve in their own lives to show kindness/empathy to others.

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